Khabib does not like the curse of Conor McGregor in the UFC 229 Press Conference

Credit: USA Today Sports / Reuters

At a recent press conference with UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov criticized Conor McGregor after a series of stupid long stories that the Irish began with him.

The duo’s group publicly announced their showdown at UFC 229 on October 6, and the mood of McGregor is usually hotter. During a media briefing, he called Nurmagomedov “the right c-t”.

When TMZ told the Russians about how McGregor spoke to him, he said that the language used did not show the best example.

“When people curse too much, this is something that I do not like,” said the lightweight champion. “Too many young people like to follow us … I do not want to be a bad imitation model for the younger generation.”

Nurmagomedov added: “I want to be a good model” and denied that Notorious missed him during oppression and said that he would “crush” the former champion when he meets in Las Vegas next month. ,

McGregor began a series of insults in Nurmagomed on Thursday, continuing to fierce competition between them. According to TMZ, the Irish also named their upcoming opponents “Little Mouse” and “Fans.”

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Anticipation is expected between them, and the press release of Radio City Music Hall will be open to the public.

In April, on Wednesday before the UFC 223, McGregor attacked a fixed bus with a car loaded by Nurmagomedov. This hurt the soldiers Ray Borg and Michael Chiese, which meant that they could not compete.

McGregor expressed a riot in his behavior and will face five days of community service.

There were no problems with what happened during the infamous press conference in April, and, of course, there was not a word said:

Although Nurmagomedov may want to fight with a lower key, it was never McGregor’s style. For him, every press conference seems an opportunity.

The fans want to know if McGregor will affect the microphone for his work, because his last appearance in the octagon was when he played against Eddie Alvarez two years ago. McGregor made history that night when he added lightweight title to his lightweight award, becoming the first UFC rival with two belts at the same time.

After McGregor made a light belt, Nurmagomedov won the game in UFC 223, when he unanimously decided to beat Al Yakinta.

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